Solar Tax Credit

What Do We Know About the Transferability of Renewable Energy Tax Credits?

By Kimberly Carlini, Senior VP of Investments, and Bryen Alperin, Managing Director  This blog is the second in a series that will explore the opportunities in the transferability of renewable tax credits for investing in renewable energy and reducing tax liability.     The Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law on August 16, 2022, has created new opportunities to invest in a sustainable future. There are many options, but one of the more promising is new transfer provisions which allow for the transfer of renewable energy tax credits between taxpayers. With these new transfer provisions, a taxpayer can purchase a tax credit generated from an eligible project, for example, at $0.90 per $1 of tax credit and then apply the credit to reduce required tax payments to the IRS by the full $1.   We know enough about transferability to be certain that this added feature in the Internal Revenue Code will allow for a meaningful new avenue to access tax credits from renewable energy projects, and we expect these changes to expand the population of taxpayers that participate in the renewable tax credit market.  The industry anxiously awaits guidance from the IRS on the intricacies of transferability, and when that guidance will be delivered is still uncertain. However, we do have solid visibility into what participants can expect, including that:  Taxpayers can elect to transfer all or a portion of their tax credits to a non-related transferee.  Payment for credits must be in cash.  The tax credit amount will not be included in taxable income, nor deductible.  There are no caps or phase outs (unlike direct pay).  Election must be made no later than the due date (including extensions) for the respective tax return, and is irrevocable.  Transferees cannot re-transfer the credits.  If the tax credit is generated by a partnership, the…

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2022 Year in Review

Foss & Company 2022 project, Radical Hotel Many companies have long overlooked tax equity investing as part of their tax strategy for different reasons. But this past year has presented new, unique opportunities in the tax equity market for both developers and investors. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has provided more incentives than ever in US history for tax credit investments and facing the current challenge of inflation and increasing interest rates, tax equity may be essential to push projects forward. 2022 proved to be a big year for Foss & Company as well. In June, Foss announced that in addition to the over $8 billion in tax equity the company has deployed since its inception, we have over $1 billion in tax credits currently under management. Among other milestones, the Foss & Company team has continued to grow. We welcomed 14 new team members who have helped grow our capital markets, renewable energy, marketing and real estate teams. We are also pleased to share that in August of 2022, Foss & Company featured North Carolina project, Capitola Mill, won the Gertrude S. Carraway Award for demonstrating a commitment to extraordinary leadership, research, philanthropy, promotion, and/ or significance in preservation. We could not be more thrilled with our successes in 2022, and we could not have done it without our dedicated team, developer partners and investor clients. Vision 2045: A Look Towards the Future In 2022, Foss & Company had the unique opportunity to be featured in the Vision 2045 campaign. This campaign supported the United Nations and its objectives for the institution’s 100- year anniversary in 2045 and aimed to inspire businesses and people to take collective action to ensure a better future for all.  As part of this multi-faceted campaign, Foss & Company produced a short, documentary-style video that highlighted…

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$20 Million In Solar Tax Credit Investments

Foss & Co. Managed Over $20 Million In Solar Tax Credit Investments In 2017​

Growth continues in 2018 January 24, 2018, San Francisco CA – Foss and Company is pleased to announce that they closed out the 2017 calendar year having managed over $20 million in solar tax credit investments. The investments were made into seven unique projects that were all Massachusetts-based and approached 20 megawatts in scale. Foss Renewables Managing Director Alex Tiller said, “We were pleased with our 2017 results and are looking forward to investing over 10 times that amount in 2018 via our new renewable energy focused fund.” Tiller went on to say, “renewable energy investments are nothing new to this firm. Over our last 35 years we’ve managed over $500 million in renewable and alternative energy tax credit investments including some of the first large scale solar thermal SEGs projects in the Mojave Desert way back in the 1980’s. We’ve participated in landfill gas, refined coal and anaerobic digesters transactions as well. Foss and Company is a nationally recognized institutional investment management firm dedicated to providing corporate investors the greatest access to federal and state tax credit driven investments in the tax credit marketplace. Their services for solar developers include market pricing and transaction structuring, direct tax credit equity investments and private placement services. Additional information about the company is available at:

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