Mississippi Center for Innovation and Technology (MCITy)

Located in Vicksburg, MS along the Mississippi River, the Mississippi Center for Innovation and Technology (MCITy) is a historic rehabilitation of the Mississippi Hardware Building, a 3-story, 51,000 square foot building. Originally constructed in 1936, MCITy now features an entrepreneurial center; a science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) education Center; a workforce development center for STEM support training and internship; and a State technology transfer center.

MCITy was conceived to advance the high-tech environment in Mississippi and invigorate an economically stressed area through the training of a home-grown workforce; developing a cadre of high-tech; communicating the requirements of government research organizations; providing ongoing opportunities for technology startups and collisions; and co-locating all of the key elements of high-tech economic development for the under one roof to maximize synergism of thought and action.



Vicksburg, Mississippi


51,000 square foot entrepreneurial center, STEM education center, workforce development center