The new podcast will feature different experts as they provide an array of insights into the tax credit industry


San Francisco, CA - May 24, 2022Foss & Company, a leading institutional investment fund sponsor, has launched a new podcast named Tax Credits Today. The new podcast will dive into myriad of tax credit-related topics with experts from not only Foss & Company, but from across the industry as well.

Since 1983, Foss & Company has been a reliable resource, working with institutional clients around the country to find the best investment solutions to meet their strategic tax planning needs. Based on decades of experience, Foss & Company’s Tax Credits Today podcast will share insights in tax credit investments, how institutions can get involved in tax equity investments, the difference between tax credit programs, and much more. With nearly 40 years of combined expertise, Foss & Company is fully qualified to provide such insights and explain the nuances of the industry to experts and novices alike.

“Foss & Company is uniquely qualified to provide insights into a plethora of topics related to tax credit investments as we have been working with institutional investors and developers around the country for decades,” said Foss & Company president, George Barry. “This podcast is a great opportunity for us to share those insights and experiences. We aim to pull back the curtain on tax credits to show investors that tax equity investments are an effective way to choose how your tax dollars are used and how they impact your community.”

The first episode of Tax Credits Today, “A Deep Dive into Solar ITCs, LIHTCs and HTCs,” has launched and features Barry as he sheds light on the differences and similarities between Historic Tax Credits (HTC), Low Income House Tax Credits (LIHTC) and Solar Investment Tax Credits (ITC). This deep dive provides details on what type of projects qualify for these programs, how corporations can get involved, and more.

Listeners can find Foss & Company’s Tax Credits Today podcast on all major streaming platforms today. Listen to the podcast now on the Foss & Company Podcasts page.


About Foss & Company

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