Mineral Wells

Crazy Water Hotel Exterior

Crazy Water Hotel

The Crazy Water Hotel is a 166,000 square foot hotel originally built in 1927 in Mineral Wells, Texas. The Hotel is built atop the so-called “Crazy Well,” a locally renowned source of healing waters and folklore. According to legend, the well has healed insanity and all manner of ailments. The Crazy Well’s curative powers brought crowds of visitors that the hotel was constructed to accommodate. Illustrious guests made pilgrimages to the Crazy Water, from Judy Garland to Conrad Hilton. The Hotel grew to accommodate over 200 rooms, a grand lobby, and a glass-enclosed ballroom opening onto a rooftop garden. However, declining interest in the therapeutic benefits of mineral waters had decimated the town’s tourism by the 1940s. Today, the Crazy Water Hotel has been restored to its former glory while embracing modern needs. Its rooms are set to be rehabilitated into 55 market rate apartments, 21 Airbnb units, and 19,000 sf of retail, meeting and event space. PROJECT DETAILS LOCATION Mineral Wells, TX AMENETIES 55 market-rate apartments, 21 Airbnb units & 19,000 sf of commercial space

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