Capitola Mill

Capitola Mill is a former textile mill located in Marshall, NC, an exurb of Asheville. It sits along the French Broad River and features 18 market-rate loft apartments along with approximately 5,700 square feet of mixed-use commercial space, including 14 office suites/studios. Although this project faced many issues throughout the entire rehabilitation process, Capitola Mill provides Marshall and the surrounding areas a location to live, play and work. This is evident in the fact that the developer wrote 30 tenant leases in 10 days to completely fill the mill’s 18 market rate apartments to 100% capacity shortly after its grand opening.¬† In 2022, Capitola Mill won the Gertrude S. Carraway¬†Award as a project that has demonstrated a commitment to extraordinary leadership, research, philanthropy, promotion, and/ or significance in preservation. PROJECT DETAILS LOCATION Marshall, NC AMENITIES 18 market rate apartments, 14 offices

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