Solar Industry Veteren Alex Tiller To Launch Renewable Energy Tax Equity Fund

Hillside of Solar Panels | Foss & Co to launch renewable energy tax equity fund

Solar Industry Veteran Alex Tiller to Launch Renewable Energy Tax Equity Fund

September 1, 2017, San Francisco, California – Foss & Company is pleased to announce that Solar industry veteran Alex Tiller has joined the firm as Managing Director to launch a new tax equity investment fund and syndication platform focused on renewable energy projects throughout the US. The new group will be based in Denver Colorado and seeks to deploy $300 Million in renewable energy projects by the end of 2018.  Foss Renewable Energy Partners primary focus is on photovoltaic solar and storage projects but may make discretionary investments in other renewable energy technologies.

When asked about the new fund Mr. Tiller said, “due to the nuance and complexity of the tax code, the tax credit market is extremely inefficient for investors and energy project developers alike. Our goal is to streamline and simplify the process on both sides, allowing more capital to flow to high quality projects faster.”

Mr. Tiller is the former President of Vancouver BC based Solar Alliance Energy, Inc. and the former CEO of Sunetric, previously Hawaii’s largest solar company.  Tiller was also a founding partner of Sunetric Capital, Aloha Solar Energy, and Aloha Solar Partners.  All three entities operated within the solar project development, financing, and asset management space.  Prior to his career in renewables, Tiller led the development of a private equity investment fund focused on agriculture and he started his career at Fidelity Investments.

Foss & Company is a national institutional investment management firm founded in 1983.  The company has deployed over $5 Billion in cash equity from institutional investors including national insurance companies and large corporations.  Foss provides its investors with a broad array of tax credit programs combined with the most efficient implementation available in the tax credit marketplace. To date the company has focused on traditional affordable housing credit and more narrowly focused historic and brownfield credit programs.